About Us

Our Philosophy: Academic Excellence with a Heart

Academic Excellence
Pilgrim uses a “whole child” approach, focusing on academic, spiritual, emotional, social and physical development. 
Pilgrim prides itself on a play-based preschool and kindergarten, high test scores and a 95% acceptance rate of graduates into competitive high school programs.

With a heart…
Faith development is an integral part of the growth process and enables students to successfully achieve a positive place for themselves in society.

Students playing games in a classroom.

For more information give us a call at 773-477-4824.

The school is fully accredited by the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association and has earned recognition by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Tour Pilgrim School

Every Tuesday at 10AM, we invite prospective parents to meet with Principal Comella and current parent representatives to learn more about Pilgrim.

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Pilgrim has been a great fit. In addition to the level of academic rigor, we know we can keep him here through junior high; thus ensuring that we don’t need to work through the selective enrollment craziness.

This is not a school in a glitzy new facility, but what it is, is good, values-driven education, with dedicated teachers, and a community that is accepting of all. In my mind that is a find.

— Eric C.