Classrooms & Facilities

  • Pilgrim Lutheran School uses a variety of teaching methodologies based on the best of current educational practices. Teaching occurs in both large and small groups, and includes peer tutoring, which allows students to learn from each other. We pride ourselves on low teacher to student ratios, with teacher aides in all classrooms. This allows teachers to develop strong relationships with pupils, which is a key part of teaching to the individual child at their personal level. We have incorporated mixed grade classrooms with separate grade level reading and math classes – a successful approach that has produced above average test scores and impressive admission rates into selective High School programs.


    Classroom Level Maximum Students
    Pre-Kindergarten – 3 year olds 12
    Pre-Kindergarten – 4 year olds 20
    Kindergarten 20
    First and Second Grade Classroom 27
    Second and Third Grade Classroom 27
    Fourth and Fifth Grade Classroom 27
    Fifth and Sixth Grade Classroom 27
    Seventh and Eight Grade Classroom 27

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