Parental Involvement

  • Research continues to show a direct relationship between parental involvement and levels of excellence in education. Pilgrim has a strong tradition of welcoming parents and church members into a variety of volunteer positions. Pilgrim is a better school because there are enthusiastic parents on site at virtually all times.


    Contact the school office at 773-477-4824 for more information about any of these opportunities:

    Room Parent

    Each classroom needs one or two parent volunteers to plan school parties and the annual auction project.

    Teacher Aide

    Duties and time requirements vary from classroom to classroom. Usually requires a commitment of 1/2 to one hour, one day a week. This is in-room help, assisting students with classwork, checking homework, etc.

    Teacher Clerical Aide

    This is help outside the classroom, performing administrative tasks such as copying, filing, etc.

    Library Aide

    Working with half the class at a time, the return of library books is supervised and new books are chosen. For lower grades, stories are read aloud to students during library visits. Time commitment is 1/2 hour, once a week.

    Preschool Lunch Monitor

    Two volunteers are needed in the preschool/kindergarten lunchroom to monitor and assist children while they eat. A 1/2-hour time commitment once a week. This opportunity allows the preschool and kindergarten teachers their only break of the day.

    Art Smart Leaders and Assistants

    Art Smart combines art appreciation with hands-on art activities. Currently offered to grades PS through 3, each monthly session introduces a featured famous artist. Children view his or her work, learn about technique and create their own piece of work in a similar style. If you’re interested in helping out with Art Smart, you may volunteer to assist the presenter at any session. Volunteers work with children and/or presenter, do research or perform other support duties.

    Schoolroom Lunch Assistance

    You may choose to serve as lunchroom monitor or kitchen worker. Monitors help maintain order in the lunchroom. Kitchen workers help the lunchroom manager prepare and serve lunch. This position requires 2-1/2-3 hours per week.

    Field Trip Assistant

    Field trips are great fun and provide the perfect opportunity for parents to spend time with their children as they explore something new as part of a larger group. Trips often require multiple volunteers, who monitor and direct the children under the guidance of the lead teacher. Volunteers do not need to transport students.

    Health Records Aide

    This person goes through health records, prepares notices for parents if anything is missing, and makes sure everything is in order per state requirements.

    Scout Leader

    There are currently five troops of Girl Scouts meeting at Pilgrim.

    Parent Teacher League

    Refer to the PTL section of the website for more information.

    School Board

    The School Board defines the mission and sets the policies for the School. You can view the latest agenda and minutes on our Google Drive.

    Marketing Committee

    Members work on building awareness of Pilgrim in the community and help to connect with prospective parents, using social media and other more traditional marketing channels.

    Auction Committee

    The auction is the school’s largest fundraising event of the year, as well as being an extremely popular social gathering in its own right. Volunteers are needed to arrange the venue, theme, food, drink and solicit donations for the auction.

    Technology Team

    Members lead the evaluation, implementation, and maintenance of the technology that supports the administration and students at Pilgrim.

    Development Group

    The development committee seeks out alternative sources of funding through grants, donations from the community, local businesses and alumni.

    Hot Meals Program

    Nine teams of five or six volunteers prepare healthy lunches for the homeless. Time commitment is approximately three hours once every nine weeks.