Parent Teacher League

  • Parent Teacher League


    The PTL is a dedicated group of parents with a commitment to the teachers and students of Pilgrim Lutheran School. Our goal is to bring the school community together through social activities and educational programs


    Any parent or guardian of a child attending Pilgrim Lutheran School is automatically a member, and is welcome to become involved in PTL activities. All teachers are members by virtue of employment.


    The purpose of the Pilgrim Lutheran Parent Teacher League (PTL) is to provide educational and social activities that bring home and school life closer together.  The PTL is the organizational link that helps to turn the school into a community.


    The PTL Board meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each school month to schedule, plan and publicize upcoming events. Parents who are not board members are welcome to attend meetings.


    Dues are set by the PTL Board and paid in advance as part of the regular fee schedule according to the terms of student enrollment.

    Officers & Their Duties


    The president presides over meetings, represents the PTL as an official member of the School Board and oversees the organization and planning of all PTL activities and functions.

    First Vice-President

    The First Vice President assists the President and performs the duties of the President in his or her absence.

    Second Vice-President

    The Second Vice-President recruits room parents and serves as their Chairperson and assists the President and First Vice President as needed.

    Recording Secretary

    The Recording Secretary records and presents the minutes of regular meetings and Board meetings.

    Corresponding Secretary

    The Corresponding Secretary takes care of all official PTL correspondence, including compiling information for the Pink Pages, sending thank you cards, sympathy cards and publicizing the time and place of general meetings and events.


    The Treasurer makes monetary collections and payments, keeps an exact record of all transactions, promptly deposits receipts in the PTL Bank Account and prepares and presents financial reports at PTL Board meetings.

    Supply Manager

    The Supply Manager purchases supplies needed for PTL events from a variety of sources

    Board Members at Large

    The PTL Board appoints Members at Large to assist the Board in fulfilling its functions.

    PTL Committees

    In an effort to encourage the interaction of all Pilgrim parents in the school activities and projects, the PTL has expanded the number of opportunities for involvement. Below you will find descriptions for four committees that comprise most of the activities of the PTL. Whether you can give your time and talents to a committee or to one event, we encourage you to get involved and continue to make Pilgrim a great place.

    Events Committee

    Each year, Pilgrim’s Events Committee brings families together with over a dozen fun filled activities. From the Halloween party to the Pilgrim 5K, the committee is a great way to meet other families and get involved. If you love to plan a party, this is the committee for you! Each event is organized and staffed by our wonderful volunteers. There is shopping to be done, food to be cooked and served, games to be played, spooky treats to be passed out and so much more. Join the committee for the year or pick an event that you love. Committees will meet monthly or as needed to organize a specific event.

    Fundraising Committee

    This committee focuses on bringing in much needed dollars for our school. If you have a background in fundraising or some great ideas of how to generate new dollars, this committee is the place to volunteer your time. Pilgrim has some established annual events such as magazine drives, Trivia night, greenery sales and more. Help us build on past successes and bring in fresh innovations. This committee will meet monthly and could involve some additional tasks to ensure fundraising activities move forward.

    Development Committee

    The Development Committee is focused on raising funds through grant writing and endowment activities. Do you have grant writing experience? Do you know how to get a new initiative funded, or seek monies for a new science lab? We need your help! The Development Committee works on how to access funding streams and donations for continued and sustained improvement. This committee will meet monthly. Additional time commitments may be needed for special projects.

    Communications Committee

    The Communications Committee is responsible for spreading the Pilgrim message through internal and external communication channels, including social media, our website and community outreach. If you have interest or expertise in any of these areas, please consider volunteering your time on this committee. Among this committee’s responsibilities will be helping with the promotion of Pilgrim events, fundraising activities and new student/family recruitment. This committee will meet monthly, will interact with the other committees and may include additional tasks.

    Officers for 2017-2018

    Chairperson:  Shellie Riedle
    Co-Chair:  Kelly Tobin
    Recording Secretary:  Christopher Bakker
    Treasurer:  Anna Lambros
    Teacher Representative:  Kristen Stone

    Selection and Appointment of Officers

    Each spring, the current PTL Board recruits and trains officers for the upcoming year. Effort is made to include members of the current Board and new members. The membership of the new board is presented for approval to the School Board by May of the year preceding the school year of appointment. Official duties begin in June and installation of officers takes place at the September plenary meeting.

    Functions of the PTL Board

    The PTL Board is responsible for the following:

    1. Plan and provide a program of activities that helps establish a closer relationship between parents and teachers in accordance with the educational and social goals of the PTL.
    2. Publicize and promote the activities of the PTL.
    3. Introduce new members, greet members, send cards in cases of death to member(s) of the immediate family, and send cards in cases of serious illness.
    4. Determine annual dues, approve all expenditure of funds. and provide for annual audit of the Treasurer’s books.
    5. Under the direction of the Second Vice President, organize and oversee the work of Room Parents.

    In addition, the PTL Board may choose to dedicate PTL fundraising to special school projects, e.g., installation of carpeting, installation of ceiling fans, etc. This is done in close coordination with the Congregational Fundraising Coordinator. The Congregational Fundraising Coordinator, under the auspices of the Church Council, has responsibility for all Pilgrim fundraising.