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Academic Excellence With a Heart.

Early Childhood Application

Pilgrim uses a “whole child” approach that focuses on the academic, spiritual, emotional, and social development of each child. As a result, we have a 95% acceptance rate of graduates into their #1 choice high school.

Faith development is also an integral part of the Pilgrim experience. By teaching students through the lens of faith, our students understand the importance of serving to their communities and they learn to seek out ways to help others.

School Mission Statement
We provide a high quality education in a nurturing Christian community so that each student will make positive contributions as a courageous and active member of society.

Our Philosophy
Here at Pilgrim, we pride ourselves on our small class sizes and a teacher to student ratio of 1:10 in our Early Childhood Program and a 1:16 ratio in grades 1-8. We have incorporated mixed grade classrooms in grades 1-8 with separate level reading and math classes. This successful approach has produced above average test scores.

Embark on Your Journey: Enroll for Grades 1-8 at Pilgrim Lutheran School

Grades 1-8 Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to Pilgrim’s Grades 1-8 Program! Our small class sizes, quality academics, and loving environment provide children with a unique space to learn and grow. Our teachers are excited to help each student succeed at their own pace. Acceptance into any of our Grades 1-8 classrooms includes a tour as well as the completion of the application checklist.

After you apply, we will acknowledge the receipt of your application. We begin our re-enrollment process for current families in February, and we start reaching out to prospective families with acceptance letters in March. If you have any questions about the admissions process, please contact the school office.

Application Checklist

Arrange for a private tour during the school day

Complete the application
Send a copy of your child’s most recent report card and test scores to the school office
Send all applicable student records such as IEP, 504, or any psychological testing to the school office
Pay the non-refundable $125 application fee (the fee is per family & current families are not required to pay the application fee for younger siblings)
Grades 1-8: Schedule a shadow day and/or an appointment to meet the homeroom teacher(s) outside of the school day for an assessment in reading and math. Contact the school office to make an appointment.
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela

Creating a Foundation of Excellence

Our Values

At Pilgrim Lutheran School, we uphold academic excellence, nurture a close-knit community, instill strong character, and foster a global perspective, shaping well-rounded individuals prepared for the future.

Academic Excellence

We are committed to providing a rigorous and innovative academic environment that empowers students to reach their full potential and excel in their pursuits.

Nurturing Community

We foster a welcoming and inclusive community where every student feels valued, supported, and inspired to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Character Formation

We emphasize the development of strong moral character, integrity, and empathy, guiding students to become responsible and compassionate leaders.

Global Perspective

We encourage an open-minded worldview, promoting cultural awareness and a sense of global citizenship, preparing students to thrive in an interconnected world.