Before & After Care

Enriching Extended Hours: Before and After School Programs at Pilgrim.

Adaptable Options Catering to Diverse Family Schedules.

Extended Learning Support

At Pilgrim Lutheran School, we understand the challenges that busy families face in balancing work and school schedules. Pilgrim proudly provides before and after school care options tailored to meet these unique needs. Our Early Birds Program and Pilgrim After School (PAS) have been thoughtfully crafted to create spaces where children can engage in exploration, learning, and play in a safe and nurturing environment outside of typical school hours.
Catering to students from PreK through 8th grade, these programs offer both flexibility and convenience. Families can opt for monthly enrollment, or choose a drop-in option, depending on what best meets their individual needs.

Under the direction and attentive care of Mrs. Arlene Calderone, Early Birds and PAS ensure students thrive in an enriching setting that promotes growth, social interaction, and skill development during before and after school hours.

Exploring New Horizons: Broadening Experiences Outside the Classroom

Early Birds Program

The Early Birds program commences each day at 7:15am, offering an essential solution for families requiring an early start to their day. Hosted within the welcoming confines of our school’s multi-purpose room, this space has been meticulously designed to provide not only a cozy and inviting atmosphere but also a secure environment for your child.
This early morning setting ensures that as parents and caregivers embark on their own busy schedules, their children are met with a nurturing space where they can begin their day with a sense of comfort and engagement.

Students study and do homework, participate in mixed sports games and create art. In addition, children also have the opportunity to take part in special instructional programs such as Super Soccer Stars.

Usage on a daily basis is $5 per child and $8 per family. The yearly rate for one child is $350 and the yearly rate for a family is $500. Please contact the school office for the complete breakdown of Early Bird fees.

Adventure Awaits: Exploring Pilgrim After School

Pilgrim After School (P.A.S.)

Pilgrim After School (PAS) begins when school is over. Students enrolled in PAS go directly to the large multi-purpose room. PAS is an active group program, where students of all ages do homework, study, and join in a variety of activities such as art, mixed sports, gym games, table activities, and outdoor play.

PAS occasionally hosts additional extracurricular activities such as robotics, iCook, circus arts, and dance. The central theme for all PAS activities is to provide a safe and nurturing environment. As a result, children build strong relationships through learning and play. Most importantly, certain values are emphasized, such as sportsmanship, and students learn to interact with different age groups

M-F when school is in session
A healthy snack is provided daily.
The rate for one child till 4pm is $18 and the rate for one child till 6pm is $22.
The yearly rate for one child is $2,720.
Pilgrim offers discounted rates for families with multiple children.
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Our 8th grade achievement test score is consistently 3 grade levels ahead of the national norm.

Before & After School Care Staff

Early Birds and PAS Director
Physical Education Teacher & Pilgrim After School Assistant