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Nurturing Curiosity and Achievement.

Exploring Knowledge Horizons: Insight into Our Comprehensive Approach.

Curriculum Overview

Imagine your child thriving in an environment that nurtures their whole being. At Pilgrim, we take a holistic approach to learning during the elementary school years, providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond core subjects. Your child will have the opportunity to explore various areas of interest, unlocking their talents and passions.

With Pilgrim’s “combined grade” classroom approach, our experienced teachers can tailor lessons to meet each student exactly where they are academically, ensuring they receive the support and challenge they need to thrive. It’s the opposite of “one-size-fits-all” instruction!

We also believe in education that goes beyond textbooks. Our students flourish with interactive lessons, small-group collaborations, and hands-on projects. We foster creativity and independence through workshop models for reading and writing, where students not only learn but also give feedback to their peers.

In math and science, the curriculum is inquiry-based, engaging students in real-world problem-solving and high-level questioning. Through experiential learning, we empower young minds to explore, experiment, and discover.

Educating the Whole Child

Our Aspirations

By offering captivating activities, nurturing support, and a commitment to well-rounded growth, we establish the path for an enduring voyage of discovery and accomplishment. Be a part of this pivotal step in shaping a promising educational journey for your child.

1:1 iPads in Pre-K through 3rd grade

Art, music, band, and drama taught by local professionals
Spanish language instruction at all grade levels
Everyday Math curriculum in grades 1-8 and Algebra 1 instruction in 8th grade
My World Interactive Saavas social studies curriculum
Workshop method for teaching English/Language Arts and writing in grades 1-8
Inquiry based science instruction aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, with curriculum designed by the Museum of Science and Industry
Educational field trips at all grade levels
1:1 Chromebooks in grades 4-8
Individualized programs for students with special learning needs
A sensory approach to teaching reading
Community service projects and weekly chapel services at all grade levels
Fresh and healthy lunches catered through Gourmet Gorilla
Social-emotional learning at all grade levels with strategies for effective executive functioning
Engaging before and after school care as well as extensive extracurricular activities that include a wide range of sports and art activities
“Both of my children have been well prepared for the selective enrollment process for high school, and I am continually amazed when our 8th graders are able to “choose” their top choice high school year after year. The teachers care about their students’ success and help each child meet their full potential. Pilgrim has helped shape my children’s future in the best possible way.”
Halley W.

Our 8th grade achievement test score is consistently 3 grade levels ahead of the national norm.

Elementary School Teachers

1st/2nd Grade Teacher
2nd/3rd Grade Teacher
4th/5th Grade Teacher
5th/6th Grade Teacher

7th/8th Grade ELA & Social Science Teacher/Advisor for High School

Upper Grade Math Teacher
Spanish & Upper Grade Science/Music Teacher
Upper Grade Art Teacher
Band Teacher
Physical Education Teacher & Pilgrim After School Assistant