COVID-19 Building Closure

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Dear Pilgrim Families,
Pilgrim’s eLearning plan has gone into effect, and parent feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our students are happy to be reconnected with their teachers and classmates and engaged in learning. While I have heard some frustrations with technology, it seems these are working themselves out. Thank your many efforts to partner with teachers to make the whole process of remote learning work.

As many of you already know, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has extended public school closures through April 30. The Pilgrim School Board passed a resolution last evening to extend Pilgrim’s closure through April 30, too. The Governor did leave open the possibility that he might lift his order before April 30, and if that were to be the case, Pilgrim would consider how we would move back to face-to-face instruction. Because May 1 is a Friday, the Pilgrim staff will formulate a plan for the best way that children can celebrate their return to school that day, so that normal instruction resumes on Monday, May 4.

While it is everyone’s desire to return to school as usual, the Pilgrim School Board is also very concerned about the possibility that school closures might continue through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. We will keep you informed about plans for the remainder of the school year as needed.

Please note, Pilgrim is observing Good Friday, April 10, and Easter Monday, April 13, as school holidays. We are not providing lessons for those days, and teachers will not be available for classroom meetings on those days.

Please also note, that Pilgrim is recognizing the 4 days of March 16-19, as “Act of God” days, as mandated by the State of Illinois; therefore, Pilgrim is not scheduling make-up days to account for time out of school.

Additional days out of the building does mean the cancellation of some annual May events. Pilgrim’s Operetta and the 7th and 8th Grade Film Festival must be cancelled. Nor do I anticipate that the Lutheran Schools League annual track meet is going to happen. I very much regret making this announcement, and I hope that Pilgrim staff can present a modified version of these events when school returns to normal.

We will resume our regular format for weekly news this Friday. Thank you to all for your kindness and patience during this time of compassionate grace.


Chris Comella, Principal
Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School
4300 N. Winchester Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613