COVID-19 Message from the Principal

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March 27, 2020

Dear Pilgrim Families,
Today marks the last official day of Spring Break 2020, but instead of leisurely travel, Pilgrim staff have been working hard to prepare a plan for learning while we remained confined to our homes for the coming days. Pilgrim leadership, both the Church Council and the Pilgrim School Board have also been meeting virtually to ensure that our many support systems remain in place to serve our families.

I have spoken to each of our staff members over the past few days, and I am confident that each staff member will be ready Monday, March 30, to start teaching. Monday will be a day for learning how new systems work. We ask that you help your child prepare by downloading new apps that teachers will be using or reacquaint your child with other apps that he or she already supposed to be using.

Mrs. B., Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Smith, and Ms. Stone will all be preparing lessons using the Seesaw App.

Mrs. B, Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Smith are using the Zoom App to meet with small groups of students.

Mrs. Gates is posting lessons on her YouTube page. If you need help to find that page, please email Mrs. Gates.

Mrs. Tighe is using the Zoom App for her lessons.

Mrs. Cardo, Mrs. Andreen and Mr. Yearick all using Google Meets and Google Classroom.

All assignments in Grades 4-8 are going to be posted in Sycamore Education, aka, SIS.

If you have a problem with an app, please let the teacher know.

The focus for our first week of learning is on the core academic subjects of reading/English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Natural Science. Specials teachers plan to provide lessons on a weekly basis once we confirm that the core academics are firmly in place.
Pastor Kristian has arranged Chapel to continue on Wednesday mornings, too. In his message to the schools he writes:

Dear Pilgrim School Families,
Peace to you in these strange and difficult days. Though these days are really hard, it is good to stay connected and spiritually encouraged.

In that Spirit, I will be coordinating a “Zoom Chapel” each week, presenting a song, scripture, and word of encouragement designed for our school families in the spirit of Pilgrim School Chapel. Join us on Wednesdays starting on April 1st from 10:10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m
at through your phone or computer.

We are also streaming worship, Sunday School lessons, and many other cool things! For more information, click here:

During this first week of Pilgrim eLearning, both the Pilgrim School Board and the Pilgrim Staff ask that each family remember that this is a time of grace. We understand that this is a whole new way for Pilgrim to operate, so please be patient as we roll out these new teaching methods. We know that many of you are working from home, too, trying to balance your work schedule with your child’s, trying to ensure that your child knows how to enter a live meet or Zoom. Keep in mind that everything will not be perfect, but we learn from our mistakes. That’s really what school is all about: learning the grace to accept a mistake or frustration and turn it around into a learning experience. Sometimes we need to walk away from a frustrating experience, but always come back to try it again. And, if we can do this with some humor and good will, then we will have taught our children the best of life’s lessons.

We expect each child to check in with his or her teacher this week. We expect children to do work that is assigned. Each teacher understands that he or she needs to give your child feedback on what is assigned, and we also understand that this is a time of grace with everything we would normally expect of your child at school. Our staff continues to use and adapt our curriculum, which we know moves your child along to the next level of learning. I cannot express how important it is to continue your partnership with your child’s teacher. Now, more than ever, we need to stand together in the purpose of educating your child. As I said in last week’s newsletter, Pilgrim teachers are committed to working with your child(ren), conscious of your family’s needs, just as we hope that each of you know that our staff members are coping with the same issues at home with their children and partners.

And to reiterate from last week:

I wish continued blessings to all. Take a breath, take abreak, take a walk. I hope that each of you will see the good in the new reality of Pilgrim. Consider the following from Meta Herrick Carlson:

Breathe. And feel
the Spirit filling your whole body.
Breathe. And give thanks;
It is a gift every time.
Breathe and acknowledge
the grief of your plans changing,
the fear of uncertain things
looming too large to bear alone.
Breathe. And consider
how well Christ knows,
how fiercely God cares.
Breathe. And lift up
Your neighbor more vulnerable still.
Breathe. And believe
we are in this together, and
the next right thing is enough
but first remember to

Chris Comella, Principal