Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average class size at Pilgrim?

The average classroom size at Pilgrim is 15 students and we typically cap our class sizes at 18 students.

What is the teacher to student ratio?

The teacher to student ratio in Early Childhood is 1:10 and the teacher to student ratio in grades 1-8 is 1:18.

What is the admissions process?

Please visit this link to learn about the Early Childhood admissions process, and visit this link to learn about the 1st-8th grade admissions process.

Besides tuition, what are other fees at Pilgrim? 

There is a $125 non-refundable application fee per family. Current families are not required to pay the application fee for younger siblings. The tuition rate includes all other fees. 

What are the age requirements for admission?

For PreK-3, students must be three-years-old by September 1st, for PreK-4, students must be four-years-old by September 1st, and for Kindergarten, students must be five-years-old by September 1st.

Does Pilgrim offer financial aid?

Pilgrim offers financial assistance to families based on need and the amount of funds available. Families can request an application for financial aid by contacting the school office, and the form is due the first week of June. In addition to the completed application, families must submit a copy of their most recent tax return.

In addition to financial aid, Pilgrim offers a 10% discount for the second child and a 15% discount for the third+ child. There is also a 10% discount for Pilgrim Lutheran Church members.

Do I have to be Lutheran to attend Pilgrim?  

Your family does not have to be Lutheran to attend Pilgrim. In fact, more than one-third of our families do not identify with any form of religious practice. Pilgrim welcomes all students, regardless of faith, race, gender, or orientation.

What time does school start and end?

A typical school day begins at 8:30am and ends at 3:00pm. Morning Pre-K and Kindergarten begins at 8:45am and ends at 11:45am. Afternoon Pre-K begins at 12:30pm and ends at 2:45pm. 

What scheduling options are available in Pilgrim’s Early Childhood Program? 

In Pre-K, Pilgrim offers a three half-day option, a five half-day option, and a five full-day option. In Kindergarten, Pilgrim offers a five half-day option and a five full-day option.

What does it mean to have “mixed grade classrooms” at Pilgrim? 

Pilgrim has incorporated mixed grade classrooms in grades 1-8. This means that students will have general subjects with students from either the grade above or below them, but will remain separate for reading and math classes. This successful approach has produced above average test scores and allows students to socialize with students of different ages.

What kind of support does Pilgrim provide students for emotional and social health and learning?

All students participate in weekly SEL classes where they work both individually and in groups on expressing feelings, coping strategies, social skills, executive functioning, and more!

How is technology incorporated at each grade level? 

Technology is incorporated at each grade level in an age-appropriate way, and the amount of time students are utilizing technology is based on age and developmental level. In Kindergarten through 3rd grade, iPads are used to supplement students’ learning through educational apps. Beginning in 4th grade, each student is assigned a Chromebook and are required to sign a technology responsibility agreement. Chromebooks in the upper grades are used as tools to complete homework, conduct research, and they augment other learning activities.

Pilgrim students working on Chromebooks

Does Pilgrim have extended care?

Pilgrim’s before and care program, Early Birds, begins at 7:30am and runs till 8:40am, and Pilgrim After School (PAS) begins at 2:45pm and runs till 6pm. Pilgrim’s extended care programs provide a safe and encouraging environment for students of all ages to do homework, relax, play, and join in a variety of group activities.

Early Bird Rates:

Daily – $5/child and $8/family

Semester – $175/child and $250/family 

Yearly – $350/child and $500/family 

Early Bird punch cards are also available in 3, 6, and 12 visit increments 

Pilgrim After School Rates:

Daily till 4pm – $18/child

Daily till 6pm – $22/child

Monthly – $300/child

Yearly – $2,720/child 

Pilgrim offers discounts for multiple children. PAS punch cards are also available in 11 visit increments. Please contact the school office for the complete cost breakdown.

What extracurricular activities does Pilgrim offer?

Pilgrim offers a number of extracurricular activities that help students explore their individual interests as well as build relationships with each other. Some of the activities include basketball, cross country, track and field, volleyball, choir, and band. For more information about our extracurricular offerings per grade, please visit this link.

Pilgrim's volleyball team winning a tournament

What are the options for school lunch?

Pilgrim partners with Gourmet Gorilla to provide fresh, healthy, and high quality lunches to students. Please visit this link to learn more about the lunch program and options.  

Where do Pilgrim graduates attend high school? 

We work hard to make sure students find the right high school for them and as a result, 95% of Pilgrim graduates place into their #1 choice of high school. Some of the high schools that Pilgrim students regularly attend include Jones, Lane Tech, Walter Payton, Whitney Young, Lincoln Park, Alcott, DePaul College Prep, Loyola Academy, and The Chicago High School for the Arts.

Pilgrim's 8th grade class at graduation