Grade School

A Unique School Experience

Pilgrim’s 1st through 8th grade programs encompass a unique grade structure that supports the students’ needs to function at different grade levels. This structure is a response to the often ignored reality that students in single grade classrooms are not all functioning at that grade level. Pilgrim’s combined grade classroom approach allows teachers to tailor lessons to where each student is at, rather than where their grade level says they should be.

Pilgrim Lutheran grade school students smiling in a classroom.

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What Are Parents Saying?

Pilgrim is a caring, nurturing and safe environment for our two kids. We’ve been parents of Pilgrim students for 9 years now, starting in early childhood program up through junior high. The classes are small, the teachers are dedicated, experienced, and they genuinely care for our children. The older children become leaders and chapel partners for the younger ones. From the play-based learning approach in early childhood to the upper grades academic challenges, the school educates the whole child and I feel strongly that our children will be well prepared for high school when the time comes. – Tricia K.

We just moved our son this year to Pilgrim, and we couldn’t be happier. The teachers have a love of teaching that shows through. They get excited about what they are teaching and in turn, my son gets excited. My son used to say he hated school, something that was so hard to hear, but I NEVER hear this anymore. He loves it there. I also see a happiness in him that is hard to describe. I see him smiling, laughing, and being himself. I think it comes from feeling safe to be himself and not fearing being teased. The teachers do not tolerate meanness, and work to develop the children’s character. It’s a school filled with really nice kids that are confident in themselves, that in turn, allow others to grow confidence in themselves. I’m extremely impressed and very pleased with the school. – Jennifer G.

Grade School Teachers

D.E.A.R. Reading Incentive Program

On Monday, April 13, 2020, Pilgrim Lutheran School issued a creative challenge to our students to drop everything and read! Students sent in pictures of themselves reading! Watch the video!