Private School 101: Answering Common Questions

By Chris Comella, Principal of Pilgrim Lutheran School

Ask most parents in Chicago, and they’ll probably tell you that choosing where their children attend school can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and downright anxiety-provoking!  

For families who are fortunate to have a variety of options, the first major decision to tackle is whether to select a public or private school education.  Both offer specific benefits, and both can provide the “right fit” – depending on a child’s individual strengths and challenges.   

We want to help families just starting the decision-making process – or considering a switch – so we’re providing answers to some frequently asked questions about private schools! 

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A Child’s Work is Play

By Polly Smith, Pilgrim Kindergarten Teacher

Summer break is here! For many, it’s a sigh of relief after what feels like a longer than normal school year. For children, it’s a chance to have fun, explore, and play! 

In many ways, play was put on pause this past year as in-class learning gave way to online classrooms. However, if there was ever a year where students needed play-based learning, this was it. Stress, anxiety, and unknowns were high for all. Amidst the challenges, early childhood students at Pilgrim spent the past school year engaged in play in the classroom. 

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