Angela Cardo

5th/6th Grade Teacher

My family started here 19 years ago when my daughters were enrolled in 2nd grade and Preschool. We were drawn to Pilgrim because my husband graduated from Pilgrim and his parents were church members. We wanted the same caring environment for our girls that my husband had experienced at Pilgrim.

My first job at Pilgrim was 19 years ago as a lunchroom volunteer, and then as the lunchroom supervisor. After a few years I moved to the School Office Operations Manager. During this time I worked on my degree in education and, finally, I was lucky enough to be hired as a teacher. During all that time, our girls graduated from Pilgrim and in June 2014, our son graduated from Pilgrim, too. He now attends DePaul College Prep in all honors classes. I am proud to be part of two generations of my own Pilgrim family, and I am happy to share the gift of a Pilgrim education with the current generation of Pilgrim students.