Paula Raabe

Upper Grade Math

Paula Raabe has taught in Lutheran schools for more than 25 years. She considers her position as a faith nurturer and assistant in faith development a true vocation. Though she has taught in a range of grade levels and a variety of subject areas, math has always been a central focus of her teaching and learning. “Some people will boldly assert that ‘they aren’t very good at math’ or that they ‘don’t get math’. The truth is that everyone can learn the ideas of math, at some time in some way. Everyone may not like math, that’s ok, but everyone can learn about numbers and how they work in our lives and in our world.” With that challenge Mrs. Raabe works with middle school students, helping them to see the beauty and patterns of math, making connections to other areas of school and life in general. She also works as an adjunct in the math education department at National Louis University.

Mrs. Raabe is married to another church professional, and a math teacher at that! She is the mother of three independent Christian women. In her spare time (a rarity during the school year), she enjoys walking, working outside and reading fiction.