Meagan Mesirow

Social Worker

Pilgrim's Social Worker, Meagan Mesirow, reading a book to students

As Pilgrim Lutheran School’s social worker, Ms. Mesirow spends her days meeting with students, teachers, and parents as a support service. She works with students individually and in groups on expressing feelings, coping strategies, social skills, executive functioning, and more! She also works with diverse learners and helps teachers and parents navigate supports and accommodations. 

Ms. Mesirow teaches weekly social-emotional learning classes to students in the younger grades. She also hosts workshops to support the middle school students and teachers. Students will see her helping out during social times such as lunch, recess, and resource periods. She is there to help if students want to talk or need help navigating a problem. Ms. Mesirow loves the strong community at Pilgrim. As the social worker at Pilgrim Lutheran School, she encourages students, teachers, and parents to embrace the support system here.