Test Scores

Test Scores

Test scores of students attending Pilgrim Lutheran School are consistently well above national norms. The school does not believe that the ultimate measure of a child’s or the school’s success can be based solely on test scores. However, these scores are a reflection of the strong academic program provided.

Stanford Achievement Test (Advanced 2) average percentile scores for Pilgrim graduating classes:

The graduating class composite average for the past ten years is 81.1%. The national norm: 50.0%.

How does Pilgrim Compare to our neighborhood schools in 2014?

School % of Students who met Performance Goals* in Reading % of Students who met Performance Goals* in Math Pilgrim 86.8 = Best 90.1 = Best
Coonley** 71.1 77.7
McPherson** 41.9 43.17
Ravenswood** 54 53.1
Bell** 83.1 81.9
Disney Magnet II** 78.1 81.9
Waters** 59.5 56.2

* As measured by the NWEA MAP Test

** Data provided by ChicagoPublic Schools