Transitioning to High School in Chicago

  • The Next Step: High School Enrollment

    Seventh and eighth grade parents discuss options with the 7-8 grade teacher and principal.  Parents and students are alerted that 7th grade attendance records, report cards, and test scores are the most important criteria for enrollment. The student’s unique abilities and needs are considered.  Families carefully chose Pilgrim as the best elementary school for their child and in turn carefully select the best high school for their child.  Some choose parochial or private high schools, some participate in the rigorous selective high school enrollment process, and some select other preferred area high schools

    Are Pilgrim graduates accepted by the top high schools?  Yes, Pilgrim’s educational philosophy, methodology, emphasis on high academic standards, and the hard work of students, parents, and teachers combine to pay dividends.  Pilgrim graduates select and are enrolled in high schools that fit them and that represent the best that Chicago has to offer.

    High school enrollment for the ninety-one Chicago area members (several have moved to the suburbs or out of state) of classes of 2007-2014: 

    • 41 Selective High Schools

      Jones, Lane, Payton, Northside, Whitney Young

    • 23 Private or Parochial High Schools

      Chicago Academy for the Arts, DePaul Academy, Luther North, Loyola, North Shore County Day, Notre Dame, St. Benedict, Regina Dominican, Notre Dame College Prep

    • 5 Charter Schools

      Chicago International Charter School

    • 20 Other Preferred CPS Schools

      Lincoln Park (IB and other accelerated programs), Louisa May Alcott, Ogden, Taft IB, Von Steuben (General and Scholars program), Amundsen IB, Chicago High School for the Arts

    • Pilgrim Students Accepted to Selective High Schools72%
    • Chicagowide Students Accepted to Selective High Schools17%
  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

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